Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get asked a lot of the same questions so we thought it would be helpful to provide this page as a resource.


What’s the unit of measurement ?

Fabrics are priced by the half metre on our site.  We price most of our fabrics (except panels and some other exclusions) by the half metre. So if you see a price of 9.99 CAD that means you will be paying $18.98 CAD per metre (2 x 9.99) 


Will my fabric be cut in a continuous cut ?

If you order a quantity of more than half a metre, we will cut your fabric in one continuous cut. There are instances where we only have half yard pre-cuts on hand and if that is the case we will clearly list that on the product listing.


If you are a Canadian 🇨🇦 company why are your prices listed in another currency ?

Sometimes visitors to our website will see the currency listed as something other than Canadian dollars. This can be due to their physical location when logging in, their IP address or their internet browser selection of currency preference. We know this is frustrating for some of our site visitors unfortunately we don’t have any control of these factors. If this happens to you and you are in fact logging in from Canada and your İP address is also Canadian then it may be best to try logging in from another internet browser provider. For example if you are logging in using Google Chrome you can try using Microsoft Edge or another browser.  If you are still experiencing difficulties we can draft your order and email it back to you in Canadian dollars if you can contact us using the “contact us” feature on our site. 

Will you be getting more of a certain Fabric that I like  ?

Sometimes we are lucky and can re-order a specific fabric and other times the fabric isn’t available to re-order. You can always reach out to us about a specific fabric through the “contact us” feature on the site and we will do our best to see if we can re-order. 

Do you honour Status cards for Canadian residents  ?

Yes we will be happy to set your account to tax exempt once we are provided with the details of your exemption. Please contact us directly through the web site or the chat feature to set this up. 

My order doesn’t have a tracking number, how can I track it? 

If your order doesn’t have a tracking number this usually means that it was shipped via Canada Post Regular Mail. We have no control over the Canada Post transit times but we do know that under normal circumstances, these mailed items can take anywhere from 5-10 business days for delivery. Please be patient your mail will be delivered. **As a side note we have mailed thousands of pieces of fabric and generally Canada Post does a great job and the packages are delivered safely. In our experience packages are very rarely lost in transit.