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Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics - Paint it Subtle

Art Gallery Fabrics - Paint it Subtle

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  • Art Gallery Fabrics - Paint it Subtle

    Item Number: HME 70408

    Paint It Subtle

    From the Art Gallery Fabrics Website
    “Harmonious notes at a backyard dance party. Heart Melodies narrates a story of innocent and up-beat lyrics composed by instruments with tones of potent purple and melodic beige. An alternative fusion for the indie romantics which also mixes shocking pink, and soft blues”
    100% Premium Cotton
    44-45" - 125g/sqm
  • Beautiful 100% cotton Quality Fabric
  • Note all Fabrics are sold in half metre increments. 
  • If you select 1 you will get 1/2 a metre
  • If you select 2 you will get a full metre
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